Horoscare Tarot

Horoscare Tarot

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About this deck

Under a veil of stardust, a hidden language stirs, its whispers laced with a chilling echo like the soundtrack to your deepest fear. The Horoscare Tarot beckons, a tattered invitation whispering promises in a language only the truly brave understand. Here, beneath the sickly glow of a blood moon, constellations writhe in a macabre ballet inspired by the nightmares of horror legends.
Their familiar forms twist into monstrous parodies, their eyes glowing with an unnatural light that seems to pierce the veil between worlds. The twelve houses transform into haunting tableaux, each a scene ripped straight from a classic horror film – a chilling tableau woven from your birth sign's destiny and a touch of the gothic unknown.
Imagine a deck aged with a life of its own, its edges frayed and warped like weathered flesh. As you lift a card, a cold wind whips through the room, and a low, guttural moan resonates from the depths of the box. Is this a deck for the faint of heart? Not by a long shot. It's for the soul who craves not just a glimpse of the future, but a terrifying plunge into the cosmic abyss, where the line between fate and horror blurs.
Step into the shadows, illuminate your path with this unique blend of horoscope and haunting allure, but beware – the truths revealed by the Horoscare Tarot may leave you wishing you'd never dared to press play on your own cosmic horror story.


- Product Type: 78 Cards Tarot
- Card Size: 7x12cm (2.7x4.7'')
- Card Stock: Matte-coated 350gsm Card Stock
- Card Gilding: Matted Crimson Red Edges
- Guidebook: Scan QR Code to download TEVADA's General Guidebook
- Special Cards: 0
- Packaging: Rigid Box


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