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Urban Incantations Tarot

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Product Specifications


- Product Type: 78 Cards Tarot Deck
- Card Size: 7x12cm (2.7 x 4.7'')
- Card Stock: Linen-texture Matte-coated 350gsm Card Stock
- Card Gilding: Normal Edge
- Guidebook: English Guidebook included
- Special Cards: 1
- Packaging: Rigid Box

Brief Introduction

Embark on an intuitive odyssey with Urban Incantations Tarot, an enchanting deck that transcends the boundaries of divination. Lynyrd-Jym Marquez Narciso invites you to explore the mystical realm of tarot through a magical urban lens, where every card is a visual incantation, casting a spell that beckons you into a fantastical world. In this modern tapestry, the timeless archetypes of the tarot come to life amidst urban landscapes infused with both magical light and captivating darkness. These cards are not merely tools; they are portals to a captivating journey of self-discovery.
Feel the magic coursing through your fingertips as you shuffle and lay the cards, unlocking secrets and unraveling the threads of destiny. Urban Incantations Tarot weaves a spellbinding narrative, connecting you with the essence of each card in a way that is both approachable and mesmerizing. Whether you are a tarot novice or a seasoned enthusiast, this deck promises an immersive experience where intuition becomes your guide. Let the urban enchantment unfold before you, offering not just answers but a sacred mirror reflecting the wisdom of the ages. Step into the magical embrace of Urban Incantations Tarot and illuminate the path of your unique journey.

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    First tarot deck and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and packaging, Deck also came with a guide for beginners like me, definitely recommend.


    GORGEOUS DECK! Item arrived on time. The art is amazing. Quality on point. I love the little box. I’m very happy with this purchase.


    These Tarot cards are amazing! High quality, cute design and fast shipping. Will be ordering from them again.


    The Cards are Beautiful and Great quality. I did have to contact customer service, and they quickly responded and solved my issue with the utmost kindness, I so appreciate them


    So happy to have this in my collection. Excellent customer
    service(contacted me about a small tear in the plastic seal that happened while preparing my order… than you for the lovely bag!). Was very well packaged once
    again. Another great experience that keeps me coming back for more! Thank you!


    Adorable! I’m a repeat buyer for a reason! This seller is amazing!


    I love everything! Box, The arcana, the presentation.
    Arrived on time. Quality materials. Precious!


    The deck arrives on time, it was very well wrapped and looks
    as beautiful as in the photos.


    Fast shipping, beautiful tarot deck! Highly recommend. I didn’t need customer service for this order but have reached out in the past to ask questions and they are responsive and helpful!


    I loved the tarot deck!

    I highly recommend this seller for his kindness and amazing professionalism. Heartfelt gratitude🙏