Shuffling the Tarot deck is a ritual that infuses your energy into the cards. You can shuffle them in any way that feels comfortable to you, whether it's a traditional riffle shuffle or simply mixing them with your hands. Allow your energy to flow into the cards as you shuffle, infusing them with your intention.

As you shuffle the tarot cards, you unlock a hidden realm where intuition and energy intertwine. The mystical act of shuffling becomes a conduit, channeling unseen forces and cosmic wisdom. The cards become mirrors, reflecting the depths of your soul, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and revelation. The following are fundamental shuffling techniques for the reference of beginners:


1) Overhand Shuffle:

The Overhand Shuffle is a straightforward and gentle method, making it ideal for beginners who want to preserve the cards' condition.

I. Hold the Deck: Take the tarot deck in one hand, placing your thumb on one side of the deck and your fingers on the other side. The deck should be face down in your hand, with the card backs facing up.

II. Create Small Groups: With your thumb, begin taking small groups of cards from the top of the deck (about 10-15 cards at a time) and move them to your other hand.

III. Randomly Place Cards: As you move the small groups of cards to your other hand, release them back into the main deck in a random order. You can let them fall on top of the remaining cards or spread them out slightly to create a more thorough mix.

IV. Repeat: Continue repeating steps 2 and 3 until you have gone through the entire deck at least a few times. The more times you repeat the process, the more thoroughly mixed the cards will be.


2) Riffle Shuffle (or Hindu Shuffle):

The Riffle Shuffle is a classic method often seen in movies when people shuffle playing cards. It may require a bit more practice, but it's a fun and effective way to shuffle tarot cards:

I. Divide the Deck: Hold the tarot deck face down in one hand. Use your thumbs to split the deck into two roughly equal halves.

II. Interweave the Cards: With the two halves held securely, gently release the cards from both hands, allowing them to interweave together.

III. Align the Cards: Make sure the cards are aligned correctly, so they form a single deck again.

IV. Repeat if Desired: You can repeat the riffle shuffle several times to further mix the cards.


3) Pile Shuffle:

The Pile Shuffle is a simple and methodical way to mix the cards thoroughly. It's a good option for beginners who want to take their time:

I. Divide the Deck into Piles: Start by dividing the deck into smaller piles of cards.

II. Stack the Piles: Stack the smaller piles on top of each other, creating a new order of cards.

III. Repeat: Repeat steps 1 and 2 a few times, creating different pile combinations with each repetition.


Tips for Beginners:

I. Start with the Overhand Shuffle as it's the easiest and gentlest method.

II. Be gentle with your cards, especially if they have intricate artwork or are made of delicate materials.

III. Practice regularly to become more comfortable with shuffling techniques.


So, dear seeker of truth, as you shuffle the tarot cards, embrace the mysterious tone that envelops you. Trust in the dance of intuition and energy, and let the tarot be your guide on this magical journey of self- discovery and cosmic communion. The secrets of the universe await you, hidden within the cards' sacred embrace