Forgotten Legends Tarot

Forgotten Legends Tarot

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 About this deck

Unveiling forgotten legends like whispers from a forgotten dream, the enchanting Forgotten Legends Tarot shuffles myths and mysticism into a 78-card odyssey. Imagine a world where Slavic heroes stand shoulder-to-shoulder with stoic Druids, where their wisdom mingles with secrets whispered by the Greek pantheon. Each card, a captivating artwork by Velga North, becomes a portal to a forgotten era, unlocking forgotten wisdom and igniting sparks of forgotten magic within you.

This exquisite deck transcends the boundaries of traditional tarot. It's a tapestry woven with the threads of forgotten legends and the vibrant hues of modern mysticism. Whether you're a seasoned cartomancer, well-versed in the language of the cards, or a curious novice yearning to peek into the realm of the unknown, the Forgotten Legends Tarot beckons you on a journey of self-discovery. Prepare to see the world anew with each card – a luminous guide that ignites the embers of your own inner power. Let the Forgotten Legends whisper their wisdom, each card a brushstroke illuminating a path bathed in the light of rediscovered magic.


- Product Type: 78 Cards Tarot
- Card Size: 7x12cm (2.7x4.7'')
- Card Stock: Matte-finish 400gsm card stock
- Card Gilding: Gold Foil Glided Edge
- Guidebook: Scan QR Code to download eBook
- Special Cards: 0
- Packaging: Rigid Box


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