Into the Wild Tarot & Oracle EMERALD

Into the Wild Tarot & Oracle EMERALD

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About this deck

Introducing the brand new version of the Into the Wild Tarot & Oracle Deck, featuring 100 stunning cards that bring together the beauty of tarot with the wisdom of oracle cards. With 78 Minor and Major Arcana cards and 22 oracle cards, this complete deck is the perfect tool for those looking to explore their inner world and unlock their intuition.

Each card features breathtaking illustrations of animals in the wild, providing a powerful connection to nature that will guide you on your journey toward peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned tarot reader, this deck offers a fresh and unique perspective on the traditional Rider-Waite deck.

Created by the talented Thai artist Kanitsart S., who has also created the popular Stray Cat Tarot, Aibo Dog Tarot, and Lunalapin Tarot, this deck is more than just cute animal images - it's a powerful tool for psychic readings, tarot card readings, and fortune-telling. Many who have used the Into the Wild Tarot & Oracle Deck have reported feeling a strong connection to the cards and a deep sense of insight and clarity.

Don't miss out on this incredible tarot and oracle deck that offers a unique blend of art, wisdom, and spiritual guidance. Order your copy today and take the first step on your journey toward self-discovery and enlightenment.


- Product Type: 78 Cards Tarot and Oracle (100 cards in total)
- Card Size: Standard Tarot Size - 7x12cm (2.75 x 4.75'')
- Card Stock: Matte-coated 350gsm Card Stock
- Card Gilding: Glitter Green Gilded Edge

- Packaging:  Rigid Box
- Guidebook:  English Guidebook included in the box
- Bonus Cards:0
- Country of Origin: Thailand


- Regular Order will be fulfilled within 2-5 business days upon order confirmation unless specified otherwise
- Pre-orders will be fulfilled on or before the estimated ship date (see 'Ship Date' for details)
- Item will be shipped from either the U.S. or Thailand.

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