Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring GOLD

Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring GOLD

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Embrace the mystical allure of Thai tradition with the Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring. This ring is a masterwork of spiritual artistry, symbolizing good luck and fortune. Crafted with exceptional care, it features a 24K gold plating over a bronze base, elegantly accented with silver details.

🐉 Inspired by the powerful Naga, a revered serpent deity in Thai mythology, this ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It represents a deep connection to the spiritual world, embodying protection, wealth, and spiritual growth. Every aspect of the Naga, from its majestic head to the graceful tail, is meticulously captured in this ring's design, offering a stunning balance and beauty when worn.

🌟 Consecrated in 2018 by Ajarn Luck Ratchasi, a renowned No.1 fortune teller, astrologist and spiritual guru in Thailand, and further blessed in several sacred ceremonies, this ring has journeyed through a spiritual path of empowerment. Each ceremony, held at significant locations and dates in Thailand, has imbued the ring with potent energies and blessings.

🔮 Size: The ring is available in a free size, accommodating various finger sizes with ease.

🙏 Significance: For over 20 years, the creators have honored the Naga deity, culminating in the crafting of this unique ring. It is a tribute to the Naga's role as a guardian in the spiritual realm and a symbol of divine protection.

🇹🇭 Thai Heritage: Owning this ring is not just about adorning yourself with a piece of jewelry; it's about connecting with the rich spiritual lineage of Thai culture and mythology.

Ideal for anyone who seeks a connection with the mystical, this Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring is a powerful amulet and a stunning representation of Thai spiritual heritage.


- Product Size: Adjustable size, can be squeezed to fit or expanded.
- Materials: 24K gold plating over a bronze base, accented with silver details.


- Regular Order will be fulfilled within 2-5 business days upon order confirmation 
- Pre-orders will be fulfilled on a specific ship date(see 'Ship Date' for details)
- Item will be shipped from either the U.S. or Thailand.

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