Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring ROSE GOLD

Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring ROSE GOLD

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Enhance your fortune and spiritual connection with the Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring, a masterpiece of jewelry artistry steeped in Thai tradition. This exquisite ring, plated in real pink gold on a bronze base and accented with delicate gold inlay, is not just a symbol of elegance but also a powerful amulet of luck and prosperity.

Crafted with a unique blend of nine sacred metals, this ring resonates with deep spiritual significance. Its design, inspired by the majestic Naga – a revered serpent deity in Thai mythology – embodies protection, wealth, and spiritual growth. The intricate details of the ring capture the full grace and power of the Naga, making it a stunning piece to wear.

What sets this ring apart is the spiritual journey it has undertaken. It has been consecrated through several sacred rituals, imbued with potent energies for good fortune. Ajarn Luck Ratchasi, the renowned number one fortune teller, astrologist and spiritual guru in Thailand, along with several prestigious monks, have blessed this ring. Their revered touch has infused the ring with an unparalleled level of spiritual power and significance.

Owning the Naga Devine Dragon Charm Ring is not just about wearing a piece of jewelry; it's about embracing a part of Thai spiritual heritage. This ring is an ideal choice for those who seek not only to adorn themselves with beauty but also to connect with a deeper, mystical lineage of Thai culture and spirituality.


- Product Size: Adjustable size, can be squeezed to fit or expanded.
- Materials: Crafted from real pink gold-plated bronze, featuring gold inlay and a mixture of nine sacred metals.


- Regular Order will be fulfilled within 2-5 business days upon order confirmation 
- Pre-orders will be fulfilled on a specific ship date(see 'Ship Date' for details)
- Item will be shipped from either the U.S. or Thailand.

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