The Zammer Twins Oracle II

The Zammer Twins Oracle II

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About this deck

Discover the untold magic that lies within the Zammer Twins Oracle II, a 50-card deck that encapsulates the intuitive genius and otherworldly insight of the enigmatic Zammer Twins. Created as a beautiful oracle deck, this unique set invites you on a mystical journey where the past meets the present. Experience the supernatural power that once captivated the courts of Europe, and feel an instant, intimate connection to the magical legacy these cards embody.
From the intuitive artistry to the mysterious symbolism, the deck is steeped in wisdom waiting to be unlocked. Dive deep into your own sensibilities and unfold the layers of your subconscious as you become more adept in the sacred craft of reading. This deck includes elements inspired by the traditional Tarot structure, offering both timeless archetypes and fresh perspectives. Whether you're a seasoned reader or a curious novice, the Zammer Twins Oracle II is designed to awaken your inner oracle and guide you toward transformative insights.


The Zammer Twins, born in 1745 in Weissembourg, France, were conjoined twins with extraordinary abilities. Karl was an intuitive artist and master engraver, while Otto was clairvoyant. Together, they captivated European nobility with their magical act. In 1765, they were commissioned by Frederick the Great to create a deck of cards, but they kept the powerful deck for themselves and became outcasts. They later supported Napoleon and regained social standing. A rivalry with a magician named Gilbert Tate led to their downfall; they were poisoned and died in 1808. The twins sought revenge through a tragic chain of events that led to the deaths of Tate and Daphne Webb, a woman involved in the feud. Their oracle deck, thought to be lost, has been rediscovered and meticulously recreated.



- Product Type: Oracle Cards Deck
- Card Size:  6.4x12cm (2.5 x 4.75'')
- Card Stock:  Glossy Finish 310gsm Card Stock
- Card Gilding:  Normal Edges

- Guidebook: English Guidebook included.
- Special Cards: 0
- Packaging: Rigid Box

- Country of Origin: North America


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