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【US only】MyDaddy Oracle STANDARD

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Product Specifications

- Product Type: 70 Cards Oracle (+10 special NSFW cards)
- Card Size: 7x12cm (2.7x4.7'')
- Card Stock: German Blackcore 350gsm Paper Card Stock
- Card Gilding: Foil Green Edge
- Guidebook: No English Guidebook Available
- Special Cards: 0
- Packaging: Rigid Box

Brief Introduction

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with this enchanting divination deck, a magical tool crafted for intuitive souls seeking guidance and wisdom. Each card in this set is a gateway to a world where mystical insights blend seamlessly with the vibrant tapestry of LGBTQ+ experiences. The artwork is not just images; it’s stories woven in color and emotion, designed to resonate with the heart's deepest queries. This deck is more than a collection of cards; it's a companion for those moments when you crave clarity and affirmation. As you shuffle through the deck, allow the cards to speak to your innermost self, revealing layers of understanding and offering directions toward personal growth. With each spread, uncover the messages meant just for you, assisting in illuminating paths that may have once seemed shrouded in mystery. Invite this deck into your life and let it be the key to unlocking the wisdom that lies within and all around you.

NOTE: Please note that the MyDaddy Oracle (Standard Edition) are classified as Grade B quality, indicating a deck quality of 95-98%. Due to the unique manufacturing process of these limited-edition decks, minor imperfections such as small black or white spots or slight print marks may be present on the front and back of some cards, affecting approximately 5-6 cards per deck. These imperfections are randomly distributed and may also include minor variations along the edges of the deck. Despite these minor cosmetic variations, the MyDaddy Oracle decks are fully functional and suitable for all divination purposes. By purchasing this product, customers acknowledge and accept the aforementioned quality specifications.

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Witches love us

First tarot deck and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and packaging, Deck also came with a guide for beginners like me, definitely recommend.


GORGEOUS DECK! Item arrived on time. The art is amazing. Quality on point. I love the little box. I’m very happy with this purchase.


These Tarot cards are amazing! High quality, cute design and fast shipping. Will be ordering from them again.


The Cards are Beautiful and Great quality. I did have to contact customer service, and they quickly responded and solved my issue with the utmost kindness, I so appreciate them


So happy to have this in my collection. Excellent customer
service(contacted me about a small tear in the plastic seal that happened while preparing my order… than you for the lovely bag!). Was very well packaged once
again. Another great experience that keeps me coming back for more! Thank you!


Adorable! I’m a repeat buyer for a reason! This seller is amazing!


I love everything! Box, The arcana, the presentation.
Arrived on time. Quality materials. Precious!


The deck arrives on time, it was very well wrapped and looks
as beautiful as in the photos.


Fast shipping, beautiful tarot deck! Highly recommend. I didn’t need customer service for this order but have reached out in the past to ask questions and they are responsive and helpful!


I loved the tarot deck!

I highly recommend this seller for his kindness and amazing professionalism. Heartfelt gratitude🙏