The Oracle of Wong Tai Sin

The Oracle of Wong Tai Sin

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About this deck

Kau Chim, also known as Chinese fortune sticks, is a centuries-old divination method in China. It involves shaking a cylinder filled with numbered sticks until one falls out, which is then interpreted by a fortune-teller.

Used for personal questions about Love, Health, Career, and Family, Kau Chim remains popular among the Chinese community and those interested in divination. Whether you're a believer or skeptic, Kau Chim offers a unique and insightful glimpse into Chinese culture and spirituality.

Embark on a journey of mystical discovery with The Oracle of Wong Tai Sin - this enchanting divination system, rooted in centuries-old traditions, unveils 100 captivating Oracle cards, each intricately designed from the poetic verses of Wong Tai Sin Kau Chim. These literary gems not only weave tales of beauty but also offer profound insights, creating a connection between seekers and the unknown.

Dive into the cards' rich symbolism, where Numbers align with the original Wong Tai Sin Chims, guiding you through the fortunes foretold. The Levels gauge destiny's amplitude, while Titles succinctly narrate each card's poetic essence. Visualize the wisdom through carefully crafted Images, resonating with the profound tales within the Poems. Let this deck be your portal to intuitive revelations, transcending time and space.

Immerse yourself in the magical allure of Hong Kong's heritage, where artistry mirrors the soulful verses of Wong Tai Sin Kau Chim. Embrace the whispers of destiny with this exquisite Oracle, where each card unveils a unique story, waiting to be explored. Elevate your divination experience and invite the mystical into your life.


- Product Type: Oracle Cards Deck
- Card Size:  7x12cm (2.75 x 4.75'')
- Card Stock: Casino-quality card stock with a black core
- Card Gilding: Normal Edge

- Guidebook: Scan QR code on the box to download English Guidebook.
- Special Cards: 0
- Packaging: Rigid Box

- Country of Origin: Hong Kong SAR


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- Pre-orders will be fulfilled on a specific ship date(see 'Ship Date' for details)
- Item will be shipped from either the U.S. or Thailand.

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